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  • Char Ord

Do you have internalised fatphobia?

Internalised fatphobia takes lots of different forms.

How many of these have you struggled with?

  • Viewing your body as "disgusting" or "gross"

  • Believing you don't deserve the same things as thinner bodied people do

  • Compensating for eating or to try to change your body shape

  • Avoiding having your photo taken and/or disliking every photo taken of you

  • Believing that in order to be healthy you need to lose weight

  • Missing out on making precious memories to avoid negative feelings about your body

  • Appreciating beauty in other people's bodies (regardless of size) but not your own

  • Experiencing persistent self-depreciative and self-critical thoughts

  • Believing that you can only fully participate in life if you look a certain way.


If so, I HEAR YOU.

Very few of us DIDN'T grow up in a fatphobic environment, reinforced heavily by the media and a weight-centric medical system.

And unfortunately,


I read an article many years ago entitled, THE FEAR OF FAT WOUNDS US ALL WITH FRIENDLY FIRE.

It causes more stress, anxiety, depression, harmful weight cycling and associated health issues than being fat ever will.

But it doesn't have to stay that way. My Liberated Body Project is launching very soon and is here to help.

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Warmest Wishes,


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