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Occasional worries are a part of normal everyday life for most people, but if those worries start to feel pervasive and overwhelming this can lead to feelings of more problematic anxiety which can impact your day to day life.  Common symptoms of anxiety include;

  • irritability

  • a sense of dread

  • feeling ‘on edge’

  • difficulty concentrating

  • restlessness

  • withdrawal

  • butterflies in the stomach

  • sweating

  • shortness of breath

  • tiredness

  • shaking

  • trouble sleeping

  • fast or irregular heartbeat

If anxiety is having a detrimental effect on your life, counselling can help you to understand and manage your symptoms as well as help you to feel more in control.  We will work together to build strategies that allow you to feel steady in yourself even when feelings of anxiety do show up, as well as exploring where your feelings of anxiety have come from and how they may actually be trying to protect you.  Whilst feelings of anxiety can feel extremely uncomfortable, spending time understanding their function often leads to a greater sense of freedom, enabling you to live the life you want to.

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